First Solar weighs in on the Section 201 trade case

The world’s largest thin-film solar maker has sided with the petitioners, testifying to the difficulties that U.S. solar cell and module makers are experiencing and the challenges of competing with imports supported by foreign governments.

Even among all the chaos that is the Trump Administration’s approach to energy and environmental policy, the Section 201 trade case instigated by Suniva and SolarWorld is the most pressing issue for the U.S. solar industry.

The case has focused on crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, and excluded thin-film products in its scope. And as it is not a party to the discussions going on, the world’s largest thin film PV module maker, First Solar, has not been a part of the heated debate over what should be done.

That is, until Wednesday, when First Solar filed a statement with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) written by CEO Mark Widmar. „Some participants in this investigation have referenced First Solar for their own purposes, and I believe the Commission’s work would benefit from our perspective,“ declared Widmar.

From the statement, First Solar’s perspective is that „it is …

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