M-KOPA to invest $20 million in powering remote areas of Uganda and Kenya

160,000 units have been sold to date by the company, which includes 90,000 Solar TVs. 62.5 million hours per month of kerosene-free lighting will be provided, which estimates calculate will save over 600,000 tones of CO2 over a period of four years.

At the beginning of 2017, CDC made a $12 million equity investment into one of Africa’s fastest pay as you go solar energy companies M-KOPA.

M-KOPA currently provides off-grid energy to 500,000 low-income homes in Kenya and Uganda. It involves base access to lighting,  and electronics charging TV and radio on daily mobile money payment plans that cost less than the typical kerosene used in low-income areas.

However, local currency debt funding is the news of the day, which will help the company install solar panels on a …

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