sonnenCommunity expands into the United States

A 2,900 home planned development in Arizona will feature electricity trading between a network of PV and battery systems, as a grid-tied microgrid that will also absorb excess power at strategic times for the local grid.

A description of the sonnenCommunity reads like a science-fiction account of the future of distributed energy: a network of homes and businesses with peer-to-peer electricity trading from PV and battery storage systems.

It’s the sort of thing that can happen in Germany’s liberalized electricity market, where you can also buy power from Greenpeace. But it is not the sort of thing that one sees coming any time soon to the United States, with our anachronistic monopoly utilities and very different set of rules, even in our „deregulated“ markets.

That is, until now. Battery integrator sonnen has announced a partnership which will enable it to deploy a rooftop solar- and battery-powered microgrid in a new development …

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