Trump budget guts solar research at NREL and Berkeley (14 essential documents embedded)

The president’s federal budget for Fiscal Year 2018 includes the expected cuts to renewable energy within the DOE’s walls, but the cuts to prominent national labs – including the elimination of energy-storage research funding at both – could have unforeseen long-term effects on the industry.

Suddenly – some might say surprisingly – President Donald J. Trump has become a man of his word – at least when it comes to slashing from the Department of Energy (DOE) Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 budget any programs that might encourage the solar industry to thrive.

The laundry-list of cuts closely mirrors what Trump previewed in March and what pv magazine reported after a copy of the budget leaked earlier this week. That said, the Trump Administration did hide a few Easter eggs in the appendices, including slashing the budgets of two national laboratories focusing on solar energy research. To wit:

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